Burial Information

The site owner and operator is Timothy May. The site maintenance and management is to be carried out by Kingsclere Estates Ltd, an ANBG member.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

Main conditions for burial

We accept both ashes and full burials.  However, like all true natural burial grounds bodies that have been embalmed are not normally accepted for burial. All coffins, caskets and casks/urns, including linings should be completely natural and biodegradable. Most funeral directors are able to assist with these processes and biodegradable products, and will be able to care for bodies without embalming these days.

We welcome burials and interments organised with or without funeral directors. Graves are prepared by mechanical digger but backfilled by hand, and please note that graves may be backfilled by the family if you wish.

Ibworth Woodlands welcomes people of all religions and faiths, and Humanist ceremonies. There are no fixed formats as we want you to organise things exactly as you wish.

Funeral Arrangements

You may choose whichever funeral director you wish, we can recommend local Funeral Directors if you need any help.

Friends and family can undertake all or part of the funeral service themselves. 

You can find the details of some of the local companies who can help you make arrangements on our Useful Links page.

Important Documents

If you choose to purchase a plot at Ibworth Woodlands, you will receive a Right of Burial Certificate. You can also download and complete Plot Application and Notice of Interment forms below.